Must-Have Machines for Airport Shuttle Bus Washing

Bitimec’s Wash-Bots have fast become the must-have machines for washing airport shuttle vans and buses world-wide. Wash-Bots are advanced, affordable, power-brush systems allowing a single operator to do the work of a 6-person-

Airport Shuttle Washing Machine
COBUS Shuttle Bus being washed by 626-EZ Washing Machine.

strong wash crew. The Bitimec pioneered ‘mega-brush on wheels’ is able to wash a common shuttle bus in 6 minutes. The operator simply guides the feather light systems around a bus, applying soap, power-brush-washing, and rinsing, all at the touch of a button.

Cobus bus washing machine
The Bitimec pioneered ‘mega-brush on wheels’ is able to wash a common shuttle bus in 6 minutes.

However you look at it; minimum wage labor is expensive! Add benefits and taxes and the ‘minimum’ cost per employee jumps to $20.00 per hour… and even at that price it’s hard to retain people for what is usually the worst job on the premises. So, turnover is as regular as clockwork. Wash-Bots make the job a lot easier and show employees ‘the boss gets it’ by alleviating 80% of the broom wielding monotony. So bus fleet owners win by elevating their worker’s productivity, and saving big time by cutting wash-crew size. Relax! there’s a Wash-Bots model to fit any size fleet and any size budget.

The small foot-print machines take up only 15 sq.ft. of floor space, do not need a dedicated building and can be tucked out of the way when not in use. Top class airports such as SeaTac, SFO and Indy were among the first to embrace the technology and today, Wash-Bots are working world-wide, washing airport shuttle buses ranging from Sprinter Vans to Cobuses.

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