​First ‘Series 3’ battery powered tanker-truck washing-machine delivered in the United States

Bitimec Wash Bots has recently delivered its first ‘Series 3’ battery powered tanker-truck washing-machine in the United States, to Frontera Truck Wash of McAllen TEXAS. The unit was sold by WET (Washing Equipment of Texas Ltd) and delivered by Victor de los Santos of WET and Chris Nystrom of Bitimec Wash-Bots USA. 

Frontera Truck Wash is a busy commercial truck wash on the bustling McAllen border crossing with Mexico and specializes in washing tankers. With contracts for large fleets such as Guaranteed Transport Service, Western Dairy Transports and Auto Tanques Nieto, Frontera was having trouble keeping up with the growing business. Ruben Flores, the operations manager of Frontera, decided to order the new Series 3 battery powered 626 EZ Wash Bot which promised to cut wash-time considerably.

The TANK-EZ is a mobile, fully autonomous truck-wash on wheels. Its large 5’3” diameter brush is able to reach in, over and under the oddly shaped sections of tankers. The unit is available with diesel or battery power and carries its own water and optional detergent. The Tank-EZ has two controls and spins the brush in two directions to provide the best wash results possible. Optional soap, and rinse water are operated at the touch of a button as the operator ‘guides’ the machine around the vehicle while the huge brush provides unlimited wash-muscle. In the words of Ruben Flores “washing tankers is ‘slow’ back-breaking work and that puts a limit on output. We just couldn’t do enough in a day. This solution has cut our wash time in half and easily doubles the quantity of tankers we can wash per day”

Weighing one and a half tons with a full 230-gallon tank of water, the Wash-Bot’s self-traction and direct link steering makes it feather light to move and turn. Two quick laps around the vehicle, one in each direction, get 80% of the job done in 8-10 minutes.

​In the wise words of Ruben Flores “this big-ass machine is going to save us a ton of time and money!”

​To Learn More About Our 626-EZ Machine: Tanker Truck Wash Equipment