Well, if your ethics are iffy, like Interclean’s, you simply anchor it to Bitimec’s coat-tails on Adwords… hoping some of Bitimec Wash Bots’ GREAT reputation rubs down on you.

Yes, Bitimec IS the pioneer of the single brush truck wash sector, and yes Bitimec DOES sell more Wash-Bots than all of its competitors combined. So no wonder Interclean hitches a ride on Bitimec’s name! But let’s look at their white elephant’s gene pool. No second control? No stainless steel? Rusty here and there? Slippery traction wheel? Bangs some rearview mirrors right off? Not really Battery powered and lose 20% of every full charge to power conversion? No 5 year warranty on brush drive-train? Wait, is this still 1999?

Our Claim:

Bitimec Wash Bots are the best-selling bus, truck, RV and Railcar washing machines worldwide…. Nothing COMES CLOSE to our line in quality and value, for washing Cobuses, to trailers, and railcars. Look us up…. That’s why Interclean is milking our name!