Last week, at the RVX inaugural show in Salt Lake City Utah, many RV Dealers  commented Bitimec’s ‘Wash Bots’ RV Washing Machine was; “the neatest new product at the show”!

With the RV season just around the corner for some, and in full-swing for others, RV Dealers are feverishly scouring the market for operational efficiency fixes. Over forty percent of Dealers have identified ‘RV washing and detailing’ as one of the critically inefficient areas plagued by bottlenecks mostly due to high turnover, no-shows and chronically low productivity. Today a good detailer pocketing $13.00/hour costs a company around $20.00 an hour including taxes, benefits and worker’s comp! And even at HIGHER salaries, few end up staying-on. So, making the detailer’s job less tedious and improving productivity is a goal many dealers are striving for.

RV Washing Equipment

RV Wash Equipment
RV Wash Equipment at RVX Show in Salt Lake City

At about $16.00/day (over its 10-year life estimating 260 work days per year), Bitimec is the most cost-effective RV washing solution on the market today. The state-of-the art battery powered 626-EZ Wash Bot demo at Bitimec’s RVX booth, WOWED everyone who saw the vivid illustration of the ease of use, and how fast and evenly a Wash-Bot engages the whole section of the vehicles being washed. Detailers with brooms, typically wash about 50 square feet per minute with two strokes. The 12’6” tall Bitimec brush on a Bitimec Wash Bot, spinning at about 100rpm, washes at about 250 square feet per minute, with the equivalent of 10 brush strokes (in two passes). Providing a better, more even coverage for fast results.

RV Wash Equipment
RV Wash Equipment at RVX Show

What RV Dealers are saying:

FunTown RV, Cleburne Texas, 7 machines between 2018 and 2019  “I saw one at work and we bought 7 units! Would never go back to being without a Wash-Bot!” – Jarrod McGee or Bill Brown…Partners

NIRVC- Dallas, TX and Lawrenceville, GA and Phoenix AZ Since 2013. The Bitimec Wash Bot has increased our productivity, and has enabled us to provide a more consistent experience for our customers. We wouldn’t go back to using a brush and a stick to clean that much real estate.”  – Mike Griggs Detail Director (for the 3 NIRVC locations).

Pleasureland RV Center – Minneapolis, MN “since Dec. 2011, 8 years of faithful work. Changed batteries once otherwise no issues at all!” – Brad Bacon, owner

Bill Lakie of Classic Trailers Headingley , MT, Canada since March 2013. Our Bitimec washer has cut done the time it takes to wash our RV’s by more than half. Since we have received it six years ago it has been trouble-free, with maintenance close to zero.” – Bill Lakie, Owner

Ask us for a complete list of RV dealers using the machines and you’ll definitely find one you know. Write or call (203) 340-9388