Bitimec Wash Bots Pony washing a coach bus

Lithium Ion Battery Truck Washing Machine
Lithium Ion Battery Truck Washing Machines


Lithium Ion Battery Truck Washing MachinesThe line distinguishes itself by the ‘OJ’ colored water tank and works as well as ever.  The Li batteries allow the unit to recharge extremely fast, even in the small space between washes or during a coffee break, with batteries that recharge super-fast, and are do not ‘age’ with frequent recharging.  So even if the night crew ‘forgot’ to leave the unit on charge, the day crew can still wash its full quota of vehicles.

The Li line includes the best-selling Model 626 in the new ‘Li’ version, seen here engulfed in fog, but ‘picture perfect’, looking as sharp as ever on a matching color bus.

And the Pony Li, seen here affording the operator the comfort of a seat and cab, quietly washing as fast as a 4-man strong wash crew.

These models are coming to an ‘operator near you’ around the end of the year, so if you wish to get any information on the cutting edge Li line, please contact

Lithium ion Battery Truck Washing