Bitimec Wash-Bots Announces 9 Trade Shows During 9 weeks. Starting September 14 to November 14, 2019, Closing the Year With a Very Loud Bang!

  • September 14 and 15 – WashBots Canada received a surprise invitation to exhibit at the annual Canadian Tire Suppliers Conference and had great success with multiple Canadian Tire locations ordering the new Battery operated 626 Carwash!
  • Sept 23 to 26, RV Open House in Elkhart Indiana – Bitimec will be exhibiting a machine with an Airstream Bambi at the RV Hall of Fame, and will also be present at the RV Supplier and Vendor Showcase, in the opposite side of town. Bitimec’s 626 EZ Wash-Bots have become the ‘go-to machines’ for RV dealers nationwide, as the most affordable ‘must-have’ RV washing tool.
  • Sept 30 to Oct 2 in Nashville,TN – Bitimec will be introducing the Tank EZ. AND IT’S NOT only for washing Tankers and Bulk Transporters as shown in these three photos, as it does a superb job, washing a 53’ trailer in under 8 minutes.
  • October 13 to 16 In Boston, MA at the Chauffeur Driven Show, exhibiting a machine on the other side of the spectrum to the one seen above, where BLACK comfort cars, vans and coaches are treated with the best closed-pore-foam brushes to maintain a shiny luxurious undercoat.
  • October 14 to 16 In Bonita Springs FL at the 2019 Route 66 Rally for the annual meeting of the over Route 66 RV Dealer Network of 100 RV Dealers and over 150 stores in the US and Canada.
  • October 28 to 31 in Atlanta, GA for the NACV show (North American Commercial Vehicle) show. The largest Commercial vehicle show in the country.
  • November 3 to 5 in Atlantic City, NJ – The LCT East (Luxury Coach and Transportation) show.
  • November 10 to 13 in Calgary Alberta, Canada– WashBots Canada will be exhibiting at CUTA (Canadian Urban Transit Association) in Calgary Alberta.
  • November 11 to 15 in Las Vegas, NV – The RVDA (Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association) will close the door on our shows for 2019, to what promises to be a very busy 3 months!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Wash-Bots. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our machines, prices, and payment methods.  Please reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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