All Star Truck Wash is Opening a New Location in Lubbock, Texas

Mike Cleavinger of All Star Truck Wash in Lubbock TX, a longtime Bitimec Wash-Bots customer, will soon be opening a brand new location on Interstate 27. Mike’s new, state of the art location will be featuring TWO Bitimec battery powered Tanker-Truck Wash-Bots. The big machines sport a jumbo 5’3” diameter brush, and are as comfortable washing the odd contours of bulk transporters, as they are washing 53’ trailers (as seen in the before and after photos below).

Truck Wash Equipment Truck Wash Equipment







“I’ve used a Bitimec Wash-Bot at my current location for years, and it has drastically reduced wash time and cost” says Mike. When these new units are filled with water, they weigh close to 3000lbs. But they are feather light to operate due to self-traction and Bitimec’s EZ ‘power-steering’ linkage. Four huge deep cycle batteries provide power for the traction wheel and push-button everything-else (brush-inclination, rinse-water, brush rotation and machine direction).

Mike goes on to say “First thing I did after signing the papers for our new location was order two self-powered tanker and trailer washers. We’re expecting a super busy location, and as with our first Bitimec Wash-Bot, we expect to measure ROI in months rather than in years”.

Bitimec will officially introduce the new 626 EZ Series III Wash-Bot at Bulk Transporter’s Tank Truck Week in Nashville TN starting September 30 to October 2. Come visit our Booth 908, to see how a single operator can focus the wash muscle equivalent of a dozen person strong wash crew, to wash MEGA vehicles from box trailers to Bulk Transporters in a fraction of the time!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Wash-Bots. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our machines, prices, and payment methods. Please reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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Find us at 9 Trade Shows Over 9 Weeks From September 14 to November 14,2019!

Bitimec Wash-Bots Announces 9 Trade Shows During 9 weeks. Starting September 14 to November 14, 2019, Closing the Year With a Very Loud Bang!

  • September 14 and 15 – WashBots Canada received a surprise invitation to exhibit at the annual Canadian Tire Suppliers Conference and had great success with multiple Canadian Tire locations ordering the new Battery operated 626 Carwash!
  • Sept 23 to 26, RV Open House in Elkhart Indiana – Bitimec will be exhibiting a machine with an Airstream Bambi at the RV Hall of Fame, and will also be present at the RV Supplier and Vendor Showcase, in the opposite side of town. Bitimec’s 626 EZ Wash-Bots have become the ‘go-to machines’ for RV dealers nationwide, as the most affordable ‘must-have’ RV washing tool.
  • Sept 30 to Oct 2 in Nashville,TN – Bitimec will be introducing the Tank EZ. AND IT’S NOT only for washing Tankers and Bulk Transporters as shown in these three photos, as it does a superb job, washing a 53’ trailer in under 8 minutes.
  • October 13 to 16 In Boston, MA at the Chauffeur Driven Show, exhibiting a machine on the other side of the spectrum to the one seen above, where BLACK comfort cars, vans and coaches are treated with the best closed-pore-foam brushes to maintain a shiny luxurious undercoat.
  • October 14 to 16 In Bonita Springs FL at the 2019 Route 66 Rally for the annual meeting of the over Route 66 RV Dealer Network of 100 RV Dealers and over 150 stores in the US and Canada.
  • October 28 to 31 in Atlanta, GA for the NACV show (North American Commercial Vehicle) show. The largest Commercial vehicle show in the country.
  • November 3 to 5 in Atlantic City, NJ – The LCT East (Luxury Coach and Transportation) show.
  • November 10 to 13 in Calgary Alberta, Canada– WashBots Canada will be exhibiting at CUTA (Canadian Urban Transit Association) in Calgary Alberta.
  • November 11 to 15 in Las Vegas, NV – The RVDA (Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association) will close the door on our shows for 2019, to what promises to be a very busy 3 months!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Wash-Bots. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our machines, prices, and payment methods.  Please reach out to us and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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RVX’s Star of the Show!

Last week, at the RVX inaugural show in Salt Lake City Utah, many RV Dealers  commented Bitimec’s ‘Wash Bots’ RV Washing Machine was; “the neatest new product at the show”!

With the RV season just around the corner for some, and in full-swing for others, RV Dealers are feverishly scouring the market for operational efficiency fixes. Over forty percent of Dealers have identified ‘RV washing and detailing’ as one of the critically inefficient areas plagued by bottlenecks mostly due to high turnover, no-shows and chronically low productivity. Today a good detailer pocketing $13.00/hour costs a company around $20.00 an hour including taxes, benefits and worker’s comp! And even at HIGHER salaries, few end up staying-on. So, making the detailer’s job less tedious and improving productivity is a goal many dealers are striving for.

RV Washing Equipment

RV Wash Equipment
RV Wash Equipment at RVX Show in Salt Lake City

At about $16.00/day (over its 10-year life estimating 260 work days per year), Bitimec is the most cost-effective RV washing solution on the market today. The state-of-the art battery powered 626-EZ Wash Bot demo at Bitimec’s RVX booth, WOWED everyone who saw the vivid illustration of the ease of use, and how fast and evenly a Wash-Bot engages the whole section of the vehicles being washed. Detailers with brooms, typically wash about 50 square feet per minute with two strokes. The 12’6” tall Bitimec brush on a Bitimec Wash Bot, spinning at about 100rpm, washes at about 250 square feet per minute, with the equivalent of 10 brush strokes (in two passes). Providing a better, more even coverage for fast results.

RV Wash Equipment
RV Wash Equipment at RVX Show

What RV Dealers are saying:

FunTown RV, Cleburne Texas, 7 machines between 2018 and 2019  “I saw one at work and we bought 7 units! Would never go back to being without a Wash-Bot!” – Jarrod McGee or Bill Brown…Partners

NIRVC- Dallas, TX and Lawrenceville, GA and Phoenix AZ Since 2013. The Bitimec Wash Bot has increased our productivity, and has enabled us to provide a more consistent experience for our customers. We wouldn’t go back to using a brush and a stick to clean that much real estate.”  – Mike Griggs Detail Director (for the 3 NIRVC locations).

Pleasureland RV Center – Minneapolis, MN “since Dec. 2011, 8 years of faithful work. Changed batteries once otherwise no issues at all!” – Brad Bacon, owner

Bill Lakie of Classic Trailers Headingley , MT, Canada since March 2013. Our Bitimec washer has cut done the time it takes to wash our RV’s by more than half. Since we have received it six years ago it has been trouble-free, with maintenance close to zero.” – Bill Lakie, Owner

Ask us for a complete list of RV dealers using the machines and you’ll definitely find one you know. Write or call (203) 340-9388

NEW Lithium Ion Battery Truck Washing Machines

Bitimec Wash Bots is advancing customers a ‘sneak-preview’ at the NEW Lithium Ion Battery line of bus, RV and truck washing machines.

Lithium Ion Battery Truck Washing Machine
Lithium Ion Battery Truck Washing Machines


Lithium Ion Battery Truck Washing MachinesThe line distinguishes itself by the ‘OJ’ colored water tank and works as well as ever.  The Li batteries allow the unit to recharge extremely fast, even in the small space between washes or during a coffee break, with batteries that recharge super-fast, and are do not ‘age’ with frequent recharging.  So even if the night crew ‘forgot’ to leave the unit on charge, the day crew can still wash its full quota of vehicles.

The Li line includes the best-selling Model 626 in the new ‘Li’ version, seen here engulfed in fog, but ‘picture perfect’, looking as sharp as ever on a matching color bus.

And the Pony Li, seen here affording the operator the comfort of a seat and cab, quietly washing as fast as a 4-man strong wash crew.

These models are coming to an ‘operator near you’ around the end of the year, so if you wish to get any information on the cutting edge Li line, please contact

Lithium Ion Battery Truck Washing

​First ‘Series 3’ battery powered tanker-truck washing-machine delivered in the United States

​First ‘Series 3’ battery powered tanker-truck washing-machine delivered in the United States

Bitimec Wash Bots has recently delivered its first ‘Series 3’ battery powered tanker-truck washing-machine in the United States, to Frontera Truck Wash of McAllen TEXAS. The unit was sold by WET (Washing Equipment of Texas Ltd) and delivered by Victor de los Santos of WET and Chris Nystrom of Bitimec Wash-Bots USA. 

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Bitimec’s Bus-Wash-Bots Win Over Airport Shuttle Operations

Bitimec’s Bus-Wash-Bots Win Over Airport Shuttle Operations

Bitimec’s ‘single-brush’ bus washers are winning-over Airport Shuttle operators as the ‘must-have’ machines for maintaining clean shuttle buses. Designed for washing large vehicles affordably, the units are high-tech power brushes on wheels able to soap, brush-wash, and rinse a typical airport shuttle bus in 6 minutes.

“A single operator washes as fast as a 6 person-strong wash crew”


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Texas Beverage Selects 2 Bitimec 626-EZ Truck Washers

Trailer Wash Machine. truck washing equipment. Bitimec wash-bots battery powered 626-EZ truck & trailer washing machine washing a Miller Light Trailer

Keg 1, LLC from Texas Selects 2 Bitimec 626-EZ Truck Washers

Keg 1, LLC choose 2 Bitimec Truck Washing Equipment. Over a decade ago, Coors Brewing Company developed the concept of a Knowledge Exchange Group (KEG). These KEGs would bring together like-minded, forward-thinking distributor leadership to share best practices. A key player in the group was Keg 1 LLC located between Weatherford and Temple, TX.Read More

Divine Charter Orders Two Wash-Bots 626-EZ’s

Bus Wash. Minibus Wash. Bitimec wash-bots battery powered 626-EZ bus washing machine washing a bus at divine charter in south san Francisco

Divine Charter Orders Two Wash-Bots 626-EZ’s

Divine Charter chooses two Bitimec 626-EZ’s for their new Los Angeles and San Francisco locations. These machines are a great solution Minibus Wash. Based in Phoenix, AZ and operating for over 25 years, Divine Charter recently started to expand their tour and charter service to major west coast cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Operating a large portion of their fleet in California, they needed a quick wash solution for their buses.Read More

Miller Coors Orders 2 Bitimec 626-EZ Truck Wash Systems

indiana beverage. Truck Wash. Bitimec Wash-Bots electric powered 626-EZ truck & trailer cleaning machines

Miller Coors Orders 2 Bitimec 626-EZs

Indiana Beverage choose Bitimec Wash-Bots Truck Wash Equipment for 2 of their most premier locations. With roots tracing back to the 1930’s, Indiana Beverage is a family-owned beer wholesaler.  Indiana Beverage distributes over 550 brands of beer to retail partners, such as liquor stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, taverns and other retail outlets throughout Northern Indiana.

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Bitimec Unveils First Battery Powered Tanker Washing Machine

tank 626 ez. Tank Washing machine. Bitimec Wash-Bots electric powered 626 EZ tank washing machine


The new model, called the Tank 626 EZ, is an all stainless steel Tank washing machine. Thus, assuring a corrosion free, long structural life (even the powder coated battery skirt and covers are stainless). Four 6Volt High Capacity (320Ah) batteries are connected in series supply to supply 24Volts current. Therefore, making it possible to wash about 30 vehicles on a single charge.

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