On-the-road vehicle washing equipment and systems

Washing machines for cars, vans, limos, buses, RV’s, coaches, cut-aways, trucks, trailers & tankers.

Some features:

  • One man can soap, wash and rinse a 53 ' trailer in 6-8 minutes
  • Soap is pulverized on the vehicle evenly, minimizing waste
  • Offered with electric, diesel and battery power, 
  • Battery-powered models can wash up to 30 vehicles one one charge
  • Stainless steel frames, brush-only inclination system with all wheels stable on ground

Rail Stock Washing Equipment & Systems

Washing machines for light rail, bullet trains and railcars.

Some features:

  • Designed exclusively for the extreme service requirements in railway yards
  • Controlled optimal brush contact pressure to car surface being washed
  • Height adjustable brush mast able to wash from track or platform level
  • Optional water reclaim available
  • Comfort and well placed controls, motivating operators to perform their best work using minimal effort

Solar PV/Thermal Wash Equipment & Systems

Washing machines for ground mount solar PV photovoltaic panels, carports, roof mount solar, ballasted solar and heliostats.

Some features:

  • Wash speed of up to 80 ft (25 meters) per minute
  • 4 brush sizes from 6 ft to 13 ft 8 in (180 to 420 cm)
  • One operator can wash effortlessly 2MW of solar panels per 8 hour shift
  • Latest generation ultrasonic sensors for automatic brush proximity control
  • Seat and joystick controls rotate 180 degrees so operator can work always 'going forward'
  • Extremely low water consumption