What do you need to wash?

On the road vehicle washing

Washing machines for vans, limos, buses, RV's, coaches, cut-aways, trucks, trailers & tankers.

Rail Stock Washing

Washing machines for light rail, bullet trains and railcars.

Solar P/V Thermal Washing

Washing machines for ground mount solar PV photovoltaic panels, carports, roof mount solar, ballasted solar and heliostats.

What makes Bitimec different?

Easy to use

Our bots are easy to use. One operator is enough to do most washing jobs

Cost Effective

Our products are affordable, bringing you the best solutions at the best price

Saves Water

Our products use far less water, helping you go green and lower your costs

About us

Save time and money cleaning your bus, truck and RV's or PV panels with wash machines from Bitimec.

Our mobile machines are designed to make the job easier and faster while using far less water, manpower and time than conventional methods.

When fleets carry their names, most companies want cleaner vehicles and better control. We at Bitimec feel your fleet and your image should be spotless at all times.

Your vehicles are the front line in projecting your company image every day. Can you afford them not being as clean as they should be when they are?

No matter what you need to wash, we will offer you the easiest washing solutions on the market.

Contact us now and tell us about your washing problems.

We will be very glad to help you solve them.

Bitimec's latest news

Bitimec’s Bus-Wash-Bots Win Over Airport Shuttle Operations

Bitimec’s Bus-Wash-Bots Win Over Airport Shuttle Operations

Bitimec’s ‘single-brush’ bus washers are winning-over Airport Shuttle operators as the ‘must-have’ machines …

Trailer Wash Machine. truck washing equipment. Bitimec wash-bots battery powered 626-EZ truck & trailer washing machine washing a Miller Light Trailer

Texas Beverage Selects 2 Bitimec 626-EZ Truck Washers

Keg 1, LLC from Texas Selects 2 Bitimec 626-EZ Truck Washers

Keg 1, LLC choose 2 Bitimec Truck Washing Equipment. …


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